God bless you!

God bless you!

Eleni w krakowskiej bursie sióstr Sercanek

As a six member community of the Congregation of the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we direct a dormitory for female students in Krakow.

For a long time, the place served as an office building. After many years of anticipatio
n, it is now owned by our Congregation, in which we hold our apostolate. We put our whole heart into this service, a lot of effort, and any funds available to us. From the beginning we have been undertaking the most urgent repair work, which allowed us to make temporary „patch holes”. But now such small repairs no longer make sense because they cannot achieve the desired effect.

Our dormitory needs major renovations; including repairing a leaking roof, replacing the sewage system, and installing a new elevator system. We not only desire to restore the building, but to adapt it into a quality modern institution of high standards. Our dream is to establish a safe house for female students conducive to learning, providing recreational time in a creative way-all for a low lodging fee.

Unfortunately, we ourselves cannot raise the needed money for the repairs and adaptation of the building; the total cost will be around 4 million Polish zloty.

Our only hope is to count on all those who share our goals and ideas for this project.

We believe that even a minimal amount of money given by many donors will help us fulfill our dream to create this ideal home for young women. Any support is extremely valuable and each individual donor becomes a part of our vast Community of Hearts.

As a symbol of your gift and generosity to us, we will be pleased to present hearts to all donors who can send the suggested minimum amount. We also assure you of our daily prayers for all the intentions of our benefactors.

Therefore we ask you – please offer us one of the 123456 hearts.

Thanks to Your Generous Hearts we will be able to finance the renovation of our Dormitory.